postsecret archive
to clear up some questions:

1. I started this blog just to share secrets I had saved to my computer, as there weren’t any recent archives online that I could find.

2. I never intended it to be very popular, or indeed, a place to send your personal secrets. That’s part of the reason so many haven’t been posted. I had a vision for it to be nothing but secrets off the site.

3. I rarely come here these days, which is another reason it’s not updated much.

Sorry to disappoint people with any of those.

To the post 8 months ago, the person that wanted to kill themself. Whilst that was a long time ago there are a few other things that can help for anyone thinking the same thing on this page:

The site, is so beautiful and inspiring it has helped a number of people with their depression

Find a video, or a song that just genuinely makes you smile. Mine is the one of Kathleen Hanna - Smells like teen spirit, through my tears last night I couldn’t help but smile at certain parts of that video.  an amazing website that will help you appreciate those tiny things in life that we sometimes forget. 

Hope that helps anyone reading this, there are a few more things if you are interested. If you would like to message me, my tumblr is highway-of-endless-dreams :) (not self promotion, just genuinely care I promise!!!!) 

I slipped back into the grips of my eating disorder because I like puking every day, and starving myself until I pass out.Looking skinny for you is just a bonus.
Two questions: [1] Are you affiliated with Frank Warren or his website in any way other than archiving? [2] If I submit a secret, is it anonymous if you post it?

nope! i just posted the ones i’ve seen, loved and saved over the years. yes, it is :)

Hope, trust, faith, truth… Reading these posts has restored my faith in humanity

I've met my current girlfriend on facebook, I've never loved somebody as much.
I'm no longer insecure about being almost twenty and a virgin.
my ex giana left me for no reason and now every night i lay in bed crying because now i miss my dad and the other half of my heart im a suicidal trainwreck and a shell of the person i used to be i try to look strong but on the inside i want to kill myself and id do anything to be loved again

if you kill yourself, you’re taking away the opportunity to be loved again. time will help, so will good friends. go out and find things that make you happy, or even make you feel peaceful. you’ve got nothing to lose by trying everything out there that could help you. and if you ever want to talk, just send a message from your account, instead of anon. everything will be okay.


I am afraid to tell you I love you.